LG G3 VS985 ROOT, TWRP, SU Install

i am showing you all how to get stump root (it only works for VS98510B only) how to install SU, busy box, and TWRP. later i be showing you how to upgrade the OS to 12B or 35B using TWRP

hope you all enjoy, when you visit the post please thank them


i forgot to add this, i want to thank the road warrior for the help he has done ever since i had the LG G3, i forgotten he had helped me before 🙂


  1. I just bought a Verizon lg g pad 8.3 and I used stump root to root it but it says device is patch. Are there any links to help me fix this issue without a PC? I've never had this problem before with 3 of the tablets I rooted with stump root. Please help

  2. Just wanted to drop in to say thanks for putting all these videos up. I was able to load Fulmics on my G3 and may keep it a bit longer if development continues on the G3 roms. Thanks for taking the time to work on these walkthroughs. Keep up the good work.

    I followed your videos both howto downgrade to 10b and installing ROOT,TWRP and SU and they worked flawlessly!! I even had a strange version VS9854AA?? Regardless it work with no issues, so you're awesome (I know you also had help so shout out to them on XDA forum!!!) Since then I've install custom ROM (CyanogenMod 13 – love that shit) Quesion though, after following your Vid's to the T, I forgot one small (MAJOR) detail, I forgot to save my SMS messages!! everything else was saved either in the cloud or google/Gmail. I couldn't find in your vid's if/when downgrading fully wiped your user data or not. Since I did follow your instructions exactly can you recall if I am able to get my sms's back? Even if it means revert ing back to 10B?? help me out!!!

  4. Hello! Thank you very much for the tutorials. What is a good recommendation for a ROM I can use? Sadly, AOSP has a bad camera, so I think I will prefer 6.0 stock based ROMs.

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