LG G5 Root/TWRP Teaser

Teaser for a Team Codefire project: Root/TWRP for the LG G5. (Yes, it's real)
We have no ETA for this project - it will be released when it's ready.

Keep an eye on our twitter accounts for any future information:
@tylerfixer - me
@utoprime - autoprime
@internalframe - illegalargument

Thanks for watching!



  1. is this on marshmallow?? cause nougat now has flash protection which doesn't allow us to flash a custom recovery. And thanks to the dumbasses at LG, they now have anti rollback which prevents flashing STOCK kdz's lower than nougat -.-

  2. why is it that the bootloader can be unlocked with International h8350 but it won't with the vs987, wish I knew this before I got the LG G5 my old S3 could be rooted

  3. +tylerfixer Regarding my T-Mobile LG G5 (H830), I had my IMEI changed so that I can use the phone. I bought it without knowing there was a balance owing and later it was disabled. So with my now unrecognizable IMEI by T-Mobile (yet works as normal on the T-Mobile network), how can I unlock the SIM to use on other networks?

  4. wow that was quick and thank you so much for your work on the G4 , I have the international version of the G4 so I have all the mods and tweaks e.g unlocked bootloader, rooted, twrp recovery, xposed framework and viper4android and it's all down to you guys so well done guys keep up the good work…

  5. How to do on the lg g4 t mobile 6.0 h811 please let me know if you find one been looking for months thanks for this vid btw amazing stuff

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