LG G6 First LOOK! Design, Specs, Release Date!

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In this video we take a look at all the renders of the LG G6 and go over the expected design and specs.

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  1. Samsung help Qualcomm build s835, so s8 flagship will be the only the latest device that equips s835

  2. Best think ever with LG of last years were all buttons on back available to finger. Not any longer. And it looks they given up to another tm, curved form which I love with my Flex 2. Now LG for me is … just another good phone, nothing special.

  3. have had my V10 for 8 months now the battery life has been really good course i don't have a lot of crap on and running on it either no bootloops have happened. I have Looked at the V20 just didn't see a reason to from from the 10 to the 20 but maybe in another year will look at the G6 as a replacement. but i like the idea of expandable storage and removable battery

  4. Watching this on my LG V20…I'm a BIG fan of LG now. No more Samsung and Apple for me; might be picking up the LG G6 for the wifey after the release..

  5. I only buy phones with front facing speakers my last 2 phones had front facing speakers HTC one m8 gpe and nexus 6p

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