LG V10 H960a Nougat Update (H960ATR Port) (link in description)

The KDZ is official from LG, and this procedure is possible due to the identical hardware between H960A and H960ATR (which is the Turkish variant of LG V10)




Instrumental music produced by Chuki:


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  1. Good vid bro!
    Can you help me with a problem?
    I have the v10 h900 with Android 6.0 and my wifi signal is really really poor, is not router problem, signal is perfect on my other phones, what can I do? ­čÖü

  2. probado dsd PERU h960a con el rom h60atr30a de la pagina de descargas, funciona , el equipo es libre para cualquier operador y fincionaba asi, luego de actualizar solo me reconoce un operador a los otros no me permite usar (BITEL) no clarooo no eentel no movisttttar. Asie s que regreso a mi version anterior, ojo la camara en nougat me gusta mas, lo de radioFM se me desaparecio. SALUDOS

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