LG V10 H961N Bootloop

The phone is still under warranty (2 months left). However, I tried to email the support 2 times but they ignored me. Save yourself and avoid LG products (G4, G5 and now V10).


  1. donde compraste tu LG v10 h961n, y cuando se pasó al bootloop, antes o después de actualizar a Android 6.0
    Where you bought your LG v10 h961n, and when you switched to bootloop, before or after upgrading to Android 6.0

  2. My V10 LG-F600L KOREAN INTERNATIONAL Version "Bootloop" & was repaired the first time then happened again & now an unusable paper weight, I wrote to LG in Korea but got absolutely no reply what so ever. I have seen many cases on social media about this incident, my advice is never buy LG products ever again.

  3. I have the same model as yours, LG H961N. I am having the same problem. It happened last night while casually scrolling through IG feed. The phone just froze and restarted to a bootloop. I did a factory reset afterwards, and somehow after several attempts booting the phone, the phone was able to boot just fine but it was pretty hot to the touch. I managed to make a backup of all my pictures to my laptop. After about 1 hour, the phone still works. Then it happened again (froze and bootlooped) while I was on Twitter. This time the phone rarely shows any response, even after taking the battery out and putting it back in. Just nothing as if it is completely dead. I sent it to a mobile repair service today hoping they can fix it. But they said they will only try and not guarantee anything because they don't have LG spare parts at the moment. 🙁

    I had a panic attack when I found out that this problem is that bootloop problem I have been hearing all this time. I was so frustrated. I still consider this phone as new. Bought it about 8 months ago. It's not even a year yet! I am 100% never buying LG smartphones again.

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