LG V10 vs. Galaxy Note 5 Antutu Benchmarking SHOOTOUT!

Here's a quick shootout between the LG V10 vs. Galaxy Note 5 using Antutu benchmarking app in 64-bit. Which one will win? Find out!

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  1. i got benchmark tips.
    use wifi instead of data thats going to create more heat and makes the cpu to throttle down more
    and also to get out the most out of your device performance if you have a air condition at home
    put it towards the aircon while benchmark is going on. this prevents from the cpu to throttle down because of heat and in that way the score is much more accurate. or if you want to get mo highscores in antutu or any benchmark. thanks lol i do this everytime a benchmark my devices do that i can get good scores 😀

  2. i pot it in my phone v10 thay take high resalts than you take it. doing the tast one more time and you will find anothar resalts

  3. Bonjour, j'aimerais comprendre pourquoi le LG V10 fini largement en 1er le Benchmark et pourtant il a un score inférieur au Galaxy Note 5 ? Merci pour vos réponses ! 🙂

  4. Both phones are incredible, the big difference is the hardware features the phones have. And in my opinion, LG has the edge with an SD card slot and a replaceable battery. To me, that matters so much more. I would love to get a Note 5 if it still had those features.

  5. Korean shit phone fest… Great.. So worst battery winner goes to both, most stolen ideas and lawsuits lost Samsung.. Should stick to making TV…. LG, give me a break..

  6. After OTA updates on samsung phones it gets stack at 1% on antutu and takes a while before it goes to 5% so the solution is factory reset/clear cash or just leave it and it will be fixed in few days.Thats what hapends to me after almost every OTA update on mu s6

  7. Perhaps reception is the problem? More bars visible on V10…not that this is a true indication of signal. And….you have a case on the Note 5…which could affect signal as well….yes?

  8. go to ranking and click on PK on the far right of the screen. there is info on every single test section and why its different for each app to finish early or late.

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