LG V20 (H990DS Unlocked) Unboxing International Taiwan Edition

I unbox the LG V20 in this video. This is the international version, and it is cheaper than the American versions through and through. It even has the B&O Play H3 headphones that they try to sell you “at a premium,” but it is actually part of the LG V20 package.

In the next video, I will tell you steps to activate and change the language on the LG V20.

Link to where I bought this phone: https://www.amazon.com/LG-H990DS-5-7-Inch-FACTORY-UNLOCKED/dp/B01M4MY4RY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479354138&sr=8-1&keywords=h990ds


  1. Funny I just got mine on Amazon brand new model h990ds dual SIM v20 international unlocked but it doesn't have the b&o back cover or earphone. But it has lg earphone instead of b&o. Mine has a high quad dac on the settings and down screen

  2. Hello man, I am considering to buy this phone from the exact same seller as you did. Any issues with the device until now? Keep it up!

  3. hey dude? what does it takes to activate as it is T-mobile version or it is activated just like other phones( got up this question due to the advertisements you know)

  4. hi bro, i bought this phone from your link. I have a problem with video playing, after a few days using I cannot play any video online like fb or youtube. After a reboot it's fine but it's kinda irritating to do that all the time. Do you know how to solve this? Thanks a lot bro 😀

  5. Any issues with charging? I think the voltage in Taiwan is slightly lower than in the US, so I want to make sure.

  6. any spec difference compared to the US versions 4gb ram 64gb storage? I read on amazon q&a page that this version has less memory. is this true?

  7. hey man, good video! just need to ask you since your on t-mobile. im planning to get this phone for tmobile. have you tried the stock google tethering app in the settings and does it work on tmobile? hope to hear from you. just waiting to pull the trigger on this one. thanks again!

  8. Great video. Have you figured out how to get more than 2 home screens when using the app drawer? I have this version and can't get it. Thanks.

  9. Did you have any 4G LTE connectivity issues? How's the reception? I have the same phone and I could only get up to 3G (T-mob) in my area and only like 3 bars (reception) whereas my old sim locked G4 had no LTE connectivity issues at all.

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