My Impressions Of The Huawei P20 Pro After 1 Week Of Using It

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I had the opportunity to attend the Huawei P20 Pro Launch on March 27th 2018. They announced 3 devices the Mate Rs, P20,and P20 Pro. today I want to share with you my experience after using the Phone for a week.

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  1. its ok I found it uses the old Bluetooth which means you can not connect it to 2 separate speakers so I wont bother buying the phone at all way too many bad points

  2. I want the phone but feel too many things the phone gets wrong for me, no wireless charging, the 4k video recording is not usuable as it has zero stabilization so it is too wobbly to use for anything and some have said is the worst 4k video they have seen in the past couple of years and 1080p for me aint good enough, the 960fps looks bad and I'm convinced its faked because clips I have seen say a bird flying away its wings jitter and clip in and out which means the phone is not capturing enough fps and is filling the extra frames that it is missing

  3. does this have the latest Bluetooth where you can connect to 2 different Bluetooth speakers and play the music through both separate speakers, like if I had a speaker in bedroom and 1 in the living room so I can play music from my phone through both speakers? shame this has no wireless charging

  4. Got my LG G4 almost for 2.5 years now. back then I bought the LG G4 for its amezing camera which was one of if not the best camera Phone back then and its still amezing. Though after 2.5 years waiting for the right Phone to come out I think this is the moment. Honestly last night the Twilight edition released here in the Netherlands and I instantly bought it x'DDDD Also I have no clue why so many people hate/dislike the notch… like whut? I think it looks quite nice. Though that is personal taste I guess.

    Also very nice review thank you for that 🙂

  5. 4k on the p20 pro is terrible on Netflix it's only 480p no headphone jack no wireless charging a great phone but I would never pick that over the note phone or the s series

  6. Well does P20 Pro comes with 24bit or 32 bit audio DAC?
    PLEASE make a comprehensive comparison between S9 Dolby atmos vs P20 Pro Dolby Atmos?

  7. Night mode dont looks that good, in my eyes.. To much to obvious processing and that with hand holding LE shoot has hallos and all kinds of nasty things going on. Guess thats not that much important but its still obvious its just a phone camera..
    I like it and i almost trade my 7+ for it but i use phone a lot for everything like gaming, video and pics. editing, hotspot, GPS etc. and i am not sure it would be upgrade after my 7+, which works like well oiled reliable machine for more than one year for me. Low light cameras on 7+ sucks btw., daylight its fastest i used and pics look good. P20 has better cameras for sure, i only dont know how fast AF is bcs. thats very important for me.

  8. I have read a few comments of people complaining about the bluetooth on the mate 10 pro, and the concerns about the same issue whit p20 pro. Whit wireless headphones and smartwatches, did you get to test this out, if so, what was your experience? I am really considering the Huawei p20 pro or the Samsung s9+.

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