OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X: Full Comparison | X Worth It?

In this video, I will be doing an in-depth comparison review: iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T. I will be comparing their camera quality, battery life, design and specifications, extra features, software and usability, and finally, I will give my recommendations as to which phone to choose.

The OnePlus 5T comes in Lava Red, Sandstone White, and Black. What is your favorite color?

There are reports that the iPhone X will get discontinued and cancelled due to Apple’s inability to produce the iPhone X at a lower cost. Your thoughts on Apple Cancelling the iPhone X?

The iPhone X comes in Space Grey and White.

Thank you for watching!

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  1. Thanks for Watching! So… if you had to choose between the two, which would you choose and why? Also, what other head-to-head comparisons do you want to see? Let me know

  2. boss…give me a suggestion please…which should I buy in 2018
    ..S8/1+6/Note 8/LG G7/Nokia 7+/8…what…please suggest me….don't tell S9+/pixel/iphone X….its out of my budget.

  3. Im a iphone user from last 4 years, but these tech reviews are really tempting me to switch to android, but my previous experience with android always stops me. Have a few friends own some but their cameras are no where near how portrayed in these reviews.

  4. Guys I know I am a bit late but just com across this video. I have the iPhone x and the 5T white version.Both phones are great. OK Apple is Apple, but even though I love the iPhone X. I keep picking up the 5T for speak screen size, battery, fast charging, speed, notification is much better on 5T and customisation its all there.Then I switch back to iPhone x few days later and after 3 days I start missing the 5T and story of my life cannot decide on just 1 phone and end up carrying both.

  5. This was a fantastic, thorough comparison. I am deciding on a phone to replace my iPhone 6. After watching this video, I will somewhat begrudgingly still plump for the iPhone X, simply because I am now so accustomed to iOS and the other advantages of the Apple ecosystem you mentioned. That being said, I applaud OnePlus for releasing such a high-spec phone at a very affordable price. Thank you for the great video.

  6. I want to know how a 3 GB ram of I phone X is far superior than 8 GB ram of One Plus 5T. How it is going to accommodate so many apps because if we download the apps the ram starts filling and says that your memory should be cleared to download the apps. so the installing of the apps fail until we delete some of the apps. So I want to know how many apps can I accommodate in I phone X compared to one plus 5T. Does a situation arise to delete the already installed apps to accommodate the other apps in Iphone X because OF 3gb RAM.

  7. Thank you so much for making these videos! I'm planning on buying a new decent phone (I've only had some Chinese no names so far) so I'm really careful not to buy something I'd regret later on. Right now I'm waiting until February/March to get my scholarship money and then I will most likely buy the Oneplus 5t thanks to your reviews and comparisons.

  8. Can u make a camera comparison between pixel 2 and other flagship phones ….bcoz I heard that pixel 2 camera is insane ….and no phone camera come close to it

  9. hey man, you are doing a good job, I can see the earnest approach you have, and most of the youtubers are losing it now, keep at it, you'll grow , no doubt.

  10. Watching this on my 5T! So, if you are looking for design and camera choose the Iphone x. Instead if you are looking for performance, speed and a long battery, choose Oneplus! It is really fast!

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