OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X SPEED Test!

Ultimate OnePlus 5T Speed Test vs iPhone X! How Fast Is The New OnePlus 5T? Real World Speed Test & Benchmarks.

Note 8 vs iPhone X Speed Test:


  1. The fuck are you talking about "Catching up"? Android phones have been dicking on Apple for years. Processors, camera everything. Secondly why are you testing app speed? With Android you will always get different results against the ishit phones using different android phones. Unlike the ishit apps are not designed for a few sets of stock hardware. I find it pretty amusing how you substantively pumping the ishit.

  2. iPhone 7 keeps beating everyone , WTH Apple , you gotta have a serious explanation for this …. Quality > Performance ,,,, iPhone 7 Plus Quality and Performance find armony in the Olimpo

  3. i kinda wanna get the one plus 5t but i like apple. on the pro side apple has i messege and i can messege ppl for free… con they have to have a iphone if im not on contract. also what ive been seeing is that one plus is faster and offers more.

  4. Made in China doesn’t mean that all things is trash. You need to think about how much budget u put on it

    Oneplus and huawei is invented by Chinese. All iPhone is assembled in China. Some Samsung also but not so much. Believe or not check behind of your phone.

  5. Hey for the next comparisons it would be nice if you could test the speed of the wifi directly in front of your access point / router so we can see if there is actually a limitation by the wifi chip in the devices. Because now you're only testing the antenna design of these two devices. Both tests actually would be nice to see.

  6. Lmbo I don't know of a flagship phone that hasn't beaten the iPhone X. All this talk about how powerful the chip is but it doesn't show up in real World use…… Keep in mind this phone is literally half the price of the X, Btw he always has to throw that 4k bs in here knowing nobody is doing that and it's optimize far better for iOS. That strategy backfired against the badass S9 Plus though didn't it…… I'll stick with the Most versatile phone out still my bad ass Note8. #iphone #samsung #iphoneisoverrated

  7. chinese programmers are good from the old days they was have their software in a old nokia phones with crazy things no one imagine it will work in those small phones

  8. OnePlus beats IphoneX "Look i got a better result this other time trust me" – Twice the price, not twice the performance. Face recognition doesnt even work half the time. The 5T is the better phone. Literally no benifits other than being apart of the "Ecosystem" everyone appears to rally behind. I understand buying an Iphone for the user experience cause thats what some may enjoy, but to justify its price point based on the advantages it has in some apps (which are optimized for IOS and not or android) is stupid.

  9. I have just bye the Oneplus 5t, and in Danish krones its cost 4000 and the iPhone X is just cost 9000 so its 5000 krones more Thanks the Oneplus 5t. And i Think its a better phone 😉 so by the Oneplus 5t ;). Ant BTW bro, Nice video

  10. The bias towards the iPhone X is pretty visible. You compare it as if the X is superior in every way. Apple sucks nowadays, don't even try comparing devices if you're keeping this much bias within your videos.

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