OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison

OnePlus 6 Camera put to the test! A Detailed Camera Comparison between the OnePlus 6 and the Apple iPhone X!
5 WINNERS – 2 x Honor 10 Smartphones (Winners can pick which ones) + 3 Surprise Smartphone 😉

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  1. This video has been 4 full days in the making, so it would mean a lot if you could stick around till the end!
    Don't forget to switch on 4K 60 for the best experience!

  2. This was a fantastic video, Arun!

    I am impressed by the OnePlus 6's camera! 😮

    I had the 5T was expected the 6 to be just ho-hum. This blew me away! 😮

    Also, fun fact: The OnePlus 6 scored 96 on DXOmark's tests!

    I was all set to drop money on an iPhone 8 Plus and was seriously contemplating moving over to the Apple ecosystem, however your video has made me reconsider my decision.

    Thank you! Love your videos mate!

    You, Ash and EazyComputerSolutions are my absolute favorite techtubers.


  3. You are always in favor of Android phones & this is very much visible in comparison. Most of the categories where iphone performed well, you made tie and gave points to OP. why ?

  4. Bar a few things like the colour on the OP6 video, which can be fixed with apps like filmic pro of you're into that sort of thing, I think, the OP6 seems like a pretty clear winner, especially in video (apart from that weird 2:46 moment wtf was that), yet most people are just saying "OP6 is real good, for the price", not just for the price, it's better in a lot of aspects than the phone more than twice its price hello?

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