OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Full Comparison!

OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Full Comparison! Hello all, and welcome to this full comparison between the OnePlus 6 and iPhone X! In this video we compare two of the best phones that you can buy on the market today. The OnePlus 6 offers up a 6.28 inch display with a 16MP+20MP dual camera, 8GB of ram, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU. The Apple iPhone X offers a 5.8 Inch Super Amoled Display with a dual 12 MP telephoto camera on the rear, 3GB of ram, and an Apple A11 Bionic chipset. If you have one of these devices or the other please share your feedback and with the community!Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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Introduction : 0-52

Key specs: 52-2:44

Body, Build, Design: 2:45-7:23

Display Quality: 7:24- 10:33

Software differences: 10:34- 15:36

Performance Differences: 15:37-16:23

Security Differences 16:24-18:07

Storage: 18:08- 19:16

Camera Differences: 19:17-22:25

Audio Differences and Decibel measurements: 22:26-24:38

Battery Life Differences : 24:39-26:14

Call Quality : 26:15-27:23

Final Thoughts and Conclusion: 27:24- END Thank you for watching!


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  1. OP6 better battery, faster charging, faster performance, close to equal camera, equal screen, cheaper

    iPhone X better security, dual speakers, wireless charging (no biggie)

  2. biased review htf op6 copy iPhone dual camera display? iPhone just got one op been had it. Plus iPhone wasn't even the first or second phone with dual cams. You ignored the fact you can hide the notch on op6. OP6 has more durable glass. You ignored a few things pro op6. OP6 battery destroy iPhone x battery and that's a fact, look up any video test. Calling every review had no issue but you magically do. OP6 is hands down faster yet you tried to call a tie. Your review is full of shit. You didn't even talk about how op6 imagine stabilization vs iphone shitty stabilization

  3. As also stated by OnePlus, the glass back is to increase the range. And I do notice a difference. I can watch videos inside buildings where I couldn't get a signal before.

  4. Oh my freaking good, if one person comments again about the notch on the one plus 6 if you don't like it just hide it in the settings, a feature not even the X has it's seriously not a big deal

  5. I do like the look and overall specs of the One Plus 6 and I'm thinking of getting one. However I do wonder about the purpose of the notch, why have if there's no need for it? There's a fingerprint scanner on the back which is actually more secure than the face identification in the notch, so why bother with it? I would prefer it if the notch was not there and they just went with a totally bezel-less display and just had touch ID, that would be better IMO. Also, why bother with a glass body if you're not gonna' have wireless charging? I actually prefer glass to aluminium bodies, but again it just seems strange when you consider how glass bodies are heavier and more fragile than aluminium (sorry Grammarly I'm British we say it and spell it as 'aluminium"). Don't get me wrong though I would much prefer to have fast charging than wireless charging any day. I think, and this is just my view, that wireless charging is overhyped. To me, it's not really any more convenient than a charging brick and is way, way slower than say a 29-watt wall charger. I have a wireless charger in the house and two fast charging bricks, and I really only use the bricks, especially when I'm going out, because they're really no less convenient to me and much, much faster. Anyway, I may still get a One Plus 6 because I just think it seems great overall and you can't beat the price for what you get.

  6. Apple iPhone X 3 GB Ram 256GB


    The OnePlus 6 8 GIG Ram 256 GB

    €619 + €619 = €1238

    €1279.99 – €1238 = €41:99.
    With that money you can buy 2 OnePlus 6 2 cases on Amazon and 2 screen protectors all for the price of an IPHONE X.

    My question is an iPhone X might be better than 1 but is it better than 2?

  7. I’ve been an iPhone user since the original. However, Apple has lost its luster and originality. This and the $999 price point is why I switched to the OnePlus6 and have been loving every moment!!!! Bye Felisha.

  8. OnePlus doesn't support Verizon which is ridiculous because the Qualcomm X16 modem is very capable of band 13. Until OnePlus plays nice with Verizon, the only carrier that covers my town its iPhones or Pixel Phones only.

  9. That was a good and fairly unbiased comparison review. I'd agree the iPhone X is overall a better well-rounded phone, but come on is it double the price better?? No freaking way! It's amazing how competitive the OnePlus 6 is in so many ways to the high-end flagship phones and in some aspects even better. The only comment that kind of made me laugh was at the end of the review: "It seems like the iPhone X is more original". Really?? Well, maybe it's "more original" in comparison to the previous iPhones, but come on, what exactly is "more original" in it? The notch? LOL! It's just a rectangular rounded cornered all display (except for the notch) device what we have already seen on some other devices before. Ok, there is this fancy-glossy look which is supposed to justify the premium price tag, but once you put a case on it, which is kind of necessary, the fanciness is gone.

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