OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Speed Test!

Ultimate OnePlus 6 Speed Test vs iPhone X (11.4 No Animations) How Fast Is The New OnePlus 6? Real World Speed Test & Benchmarks.

Disable Animations Glitch:
S9 Plus vs iPhone X Speed Test:


  1. Good way to speed test! You could have enabled gestures out of the box on the Oneplus 6 though 😉 would have removed any doubt during the first round I think

  2. Don't worry Apple will slow down the iphone after one year or the next iPhone hits the market. What good having a superior chip if the manufacturer slows down the phone's performance after a year to sell their next phone ??

  3. You should do a test that requires data to load from the internet. A slower cellular modem on the iPhone should start to affect real world usage.

  4. So in 3 weeks my dad said I can buy any phone I want but I'm torn between 4 phones: the huwaei p20 pro, the one plus 6 , the samsung s9+ and the iPhone X. Which kind should a get guys ?????

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