Redmi Note 5 Pro vs iPhone X Camera Comparison – Is the iPhone Worth 6 Times As Much?

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I’ll start off by saying that these two phones aren’t natural competitors. People who think of buying either will probably not even care about the other phone. However, the rapid advancements in terms of technology have enabled devices lower down in the order to actually perform way better than they were ever able to and the gap between the phones especially in terms of camera has been reducing. So while I do get the huge price gap between the two and the entirely different target group for each, it still is a fun experiment for the sake of technology. Let’s see just how close or how far the Redmi Note 5 Pro and iPhone X are from each other in terms of camera.

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  1. Thanks a lot for making such comparison this shows the true face of apple "loot machakay rakha hai" and how a small company like redmi challenges its limits like an ant slapping an elephant.

  2. I am honestly blown away by the quality of these videos
    There is nothing like it. I wish I had a quick way to unsubscribe from all other reviewer channels so I could only follow you. The hardwork you put in really shows and I love the minimalistic theme to all your vids.

  3. Redmi note 5 offer so much than its price, thanks to Xiaomi , currently i dont see a phone that beats its according to its price and overall specs

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