Rooted LG G-slate-V909

Hi people and thanks for checking out this video on a rooted LG G-slate v909p. This is a honeycomb tablet that is capable of recording and displaying standard red/blue 3d. I even happened to have stumbled upon a game that has a 3d mode and it's fairly solid.

While the device is older at this point, it has some life with some JB roms and some OC kernels. Sadly, any HC kernel I try caused a fastboot, broken kernel bootloop. I chose to keep this tablet on HC because no other Android OS currently has a working source for the cameras and that's the big deal about it. Without it working, it's just another in between form factor (basically 8 inches) tablet. Here's some links to help you out.

The recovery to flash - http://rootzwiki.com/topic/11077-recovery-clockworkmod-5027/
The superuser root zip and links to the LG drivers http://code.google.com/p/lg-v909/wiki/Rooting
You don't have to use the clockwork in the second link as it's older than the first link. You can NOT boot into recovery on the tablet via standard power plus something else presses or "reboot to recovery" software options. You have to tell fastboot to do it.

The fastboot chain of commands are
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot boot recovery recoveryname.img
After the above, flash the zip file from recovery which will inject superuser causing you to have root.


  1. Can you show if at all possible to upgrage from honeycomb to any other android jelybean or ics for this. Lg g slate v909 v10

  2. No i entered it wrong too much and it needs email and password and i do it and it needs internet to connect and i had the internet off on it

  3. Hey man, thanks for the great vid. Quick question, is there any other source I can find the root.zip file? I successfully downloaded the other files from links you gave. I'm sure I need the zip file to continue. Thanks

  4. every search for rooting keeps sending me to the code.google link and those links dont seem to work, I have tried over and over and they just wont download for me. 
    can you load the files into a zip or rar and send them to me?

  5. A factory reset is typically done by hitting a button combo to boot the device into recovery. From there, there is usually a factory reset option or you can simply wipe things like the cache, dalvik and system.

  6. If you got the pin wrong too many times, you'd likely have to do a factory reset. If you had no back ups, it'd mean losing installed software and your progress in any games you might have. I believe I read on XDA that there was something to fix this. Gonna check on it for you. You might have issues rooting it if usb debugging was off. You'd need to pass the pattern to turn it on

  7. Yeah you should, can you please help me, I'm having a problem with my T-Mobile G-Slate, I made Too many pattern attempts and now I can't log in to my Google Account, I'm not in the U.S. so I can't use the T-Mobile network and the wi-fi is off. Do you know how to bypass it, factory reset or should I root it? A lot of other people are having the same problem. Please help

  8. Okay since I've got to link you to something, I'll msg it to you via YT's inbox. You can ignore the "sdcard" part of things and replace it with "internal memory". When a device has no external sdcard, the device dedicates part of the internal memory and emulates an sdcard. It even calls this section "sdcard" depending on the device and rom.

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