Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X – Camera Test Comparison!

Welcome to the ultimate camera test comparison between the samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X. Outdoor, Indoor, Low light, video test, Selfie etc i test everything.

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  1. Ok… pictures were close, i personaly own s9+ but i like the hi contrast on iphone more….but that video at the end samsung had so much more clarity and detail it was so much better.

  2. video on the iphone is more close to natural especially the dynamic range!! Samsung video has oversharpening and smoothening effect which masks the natural texture of the scene.Apple should improve the audio pickup of the microphone and stabilisation in the video.

  3. Not sure why the iPhone X microphone was not stereo. Could just convert it to mono and split the sound for L & R. But thought that was interesting.

  4. Im an ex-iPhone X user with an S9+.
    I think that the X's front cam is better (not always),and the colors are more true to life than the S9+'s(personally i love those punchy colors of the S9+), but in every other perspective, the S9+ is the clear winner , i think.
    Btw this was only my personal opinion, both phones are really great,and a good choice! 😉

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