Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison

Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Test vs iPhone X. 4K 60, OIS Stability, Low Light, Slow Motion, Portrait Modes & More!

S9 vs X Speed Test:
S9 Drop Test:
S9 Water Test:


  1. Why my Samsung s9 plus doesn't look like that in the sunlight video quality on my phone is dam good you did something to the settings or you did something but I can say that s9 camera and video is dam good in the light you and your video is full of shit

  2. Actually both phones are greate i don't know why you all hating apple so much, is a fair match the iphone is more stable and really show you the true colors while samsung are adding some filter to balance the colors so that your eyes might wanted to see, and which is greate because you don't need to use some color correction in your video

  3. I have to say this the WORST camera on Samsung phone is the best on Apple phone period day or night specially on night video or photos!!!!!!!

  4. Samsung is so much better I have the s8 us and i did a speed test with my friend's iphone x and i beat him and my camera is better. Everything Apple pro loves apple. It is in his damn name

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