Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X Camera Comparison (Which Is Better?)

Samsung has brought it’s dual cameras from the Note 8 over the S9 and S9+ but have made some improvements and added a few new features. How does it stack up against the iPhone X’s dual camera? Find out in our camera comparison video!

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  1. An Apple biased channel, what could go wrong? It's funny because you never see any biased Samsung tech channels or any other brands, it's always Apple biased. iJustine, this channel, EverythingApplePro, AppleInsider, and they're all Apple biased in phone comparisons, what's new?

  2. Are you seriously trying to tell us that a mono recorded sound is much better than a stereo setup? Yah i believe you. The iphone sound recorded is much quieter than stereo recording phones. This is why the wind is quieter …but so is your voice and everything else. The sound recording on any iPhone is no match for any stereo recording android phone…even the iphone x vs a 4 years old stereo recording phone…no match in quality, no match in stereo effect(obviously).
    If you are a iPhone fan, just please avoid talking about sound recording while shooting a video. You can argue with some pixel users who has the best mono and this is it… Sony, Samsung and others..just dont bother comparing.

  3. People only photo their face, so what’s the big deal about phone cameras? Buy a real camera maybe.
    The tech has stopped dead in its tracks. Waiting for Asia to invent the next big thing.

  4. Since a few weeks I have the feeling MacRumors has been taken over by samsung or something^^ I mean apple is not doing as well as in the past, but there reports are really critical in way that you always thing, Apple sucks ^^. Its funny that an apple fan page can get like this^^

  5. I hate how people are so biased between Samsung and Apple. I personally like Samsung, but apple is good too so stop trash talking on each other based on what company you like

  6. Once android does something about using sms, I'm pro android all the way. Sure you can take great videos and photos, but if you're sending them to people via sms… Well say good bye to all that quality. Apple has solved this issue years ago with iMessages, and the whole iCloud is just a much more pleasing environment. I really WANT to like androids, i just can't because their "cloud" is frankly just garbage and any alternative just doesn't stand up to Apples quality.

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