Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X : Full Comparison (Winner Decided)

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs the iPhone X. In this comparison we will look at the following:

Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X
Design and Build
Processor and Speed
Biometric Security Options
Conclusion (Winner)

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  1. I’m not pro or con on either of these devices, but I will contribute my personal history with both manufacturers which is that EVERY Samsung I’ve ever owned, the devices have experienced critical crashes due to either hardware or software issues that led to the destruction of these Samsung devices, which I’ve never had an iPhone present these problems.
    This is a MAJOR consideration for me personally as I’m now about to purchase one of these two phones
    My last Samsung purchase was the edge when it first released and I bought the Samsung protector case at the same time. The screen was so soft that within one month my new phone was destroyed by the protector which was supposed to prevent such damage.
    I’m still using an iPhone 4 and that says volumes to the quality of iPhone over Galaxy….for what it’s worth.

  2. Dude you're comparing a 600$ phone with a 1000$ phone… my opinion is the iPhone x is made to be the best phone in the market with a very high price but the the s9 is still a very very good phone overall.. in fact I'm gonna buy one soon but just because I don't have that much money to buy the iphone x.. and of course that's just my opinion

  3. Great comparison, they are both great phones. I'm android user for years but now I'm thinking of switching to Apple. Waiting for new iPhones 2018, than I will decide if I switch or stay with android.

  4. I will just pass the S9 to my kids once I've upgraded down the road while I would be able to sell my wife's iphoneX for some good $ later

  5. Great comparison! Though I think a better comparison would have been the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 Plus. The latter is far superior to the iPhone X and much cheaper. However, that may also be a subjective opinion on my part! 🙂

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