Sprint LG V20 GSM Unlock Proof

Here in unlocking the LS997 device

The service cost $20


  1. Stoney, Can you provide a new IMEI for my V20 so I can use it on another sprint Prepaid account? Or give it to another person who has a sprint account to use?

  2. Good, I just received the update LS997ZV9 Sprint, it is unlocked with this same method, will not lose the unlock if I update?

  3. can I unlock my Sprint V20 if I am still in contract with Sprint? I think they may have a lock on my IMEI number. I bought an AT&T nano sim and a monthly unlimited card for $65 from Wal-mart.. I've looked everywhere online and can't seem to configure my CDMA network to a GSM network to enable the unlock and turn my phone into an AT&T pay-as-you go phone. HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!! Sprint has screwed me over for the last 5 years….I need and out from them asap before I go clinically insane!! -Nicole

  4. Thanks Stoney! I just got back my Sprint v20 ls997 from Stoney this last week and have been using my AT&T sim in it with no problems and excellent cell service! Saved me from suffer sub-par sprint coverage in our area 🙂 I would recommend Stoney's service to anyone, had it unlocked and shipped out the same day he received it!

  5. I need my t mobile unlocked v20.its still on a metro act./ wont allow me to put it on metro.bought online……argh!!

  6. hey need your service. I have done hard reset on my v20 ls997 now there is no signal and saying invalid sim. so can you unlock for me. gimme viber or whatz app or skype

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