T-Mobile G5 and V20 Root Tutorial Windows Works up to update ending in J

All the tools and exploits used throughout this video belong to their respective developers. I'm in no way taking credit for their work, more so spreading the work with which they have done.
Downloads. for this tutorial- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7cx0_dck_JdenJmX2RoMGViU0E?usp=sharing
Backup Downloads if G-Drive is having issues-
Main page with all the information- http://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/development/h918-recowvery-unlock-v20-root-shell-t3490594
Page with know how onto run exploits- https://github.com/jcadduono/android_external_dirtycow#running
ROM for you to try- http://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/development/h819-nrd90m-modded-stock-rom-t3503658


  1. hi guys, I have a question that i can't find an answer to, does rooting and bootunlocking enables my phone to be unlocked to all sim cards(I have US T-Mobile as well).
    hope someone answers 🙂

  2. I'm so aggravated been trying this shit for 6 hours. When I type in adb dirtycow /data/local/tmp it basically tells me it cant find it

  3. I want to try it but I'm soo nervous lmao I've rooted before (mostly samsung devices) but this one seems like a lot more to it & I don't want to mess anything up, I just got the phone. but will this work for h91810k?

  4. After doing adb logcat I hit Carl+c then did the adb shell reboot recovery command. I get a little picture of an android guy and it says no command

  5. Hey I'm on the T-Mobile v20 but my software version is h91810j well this still work? Or is there another video I can use

  6. I don't know if this is an outdated guide or if I am just horribly messing this up but I am having a helluvah time. I cant seem to make fastboot recognize my V20. I have googled it and tried several solutions most of em revolving around updating drivers but none seem to work. Also when I follow the guide everything looks like its going peachy until I get to the point where it is supposed to reboot into recovery in which it just reboots normally. I don't know if I messed up flashing the recovery or what but I am having a bad time.

  7. after typing this in adb logcat -s recowvery i dont get "jumbeled mess" i just get 2 lines that say bwginning of system and beginning of main is that normal

  8. can someone help me? after the command recowvery -app_process 64 my phone reboots and wont boot up until i take the battery out and turn on the phone. is it because of the latest update?

  9. I keep getting this

    elsa:/data/local/tmp $ run-as exec ./recowvery-applypatch boot
    Welcome to recowvery! (run-as)
    Current uid: 2000
    Setting capabilities
    Could not set capabilities
    Error 1: Operation not permitted
    1|elsa:/data/local/tmp $

  10. There is a new version of TWRP recovery. Let me test it and make sure it's stable before any of you flash it. The ones on G-Drive and Onedrive are of the older version so that one is safe. As soon as I figure out if it's good I'll update it.

  11. Your video and more importantly the downloads you provided on your google drive were a timesaver. I tried the ones linked via twrp and I kept getting errors. When I used the files in your LG V20 exploits folder, it all worked flawlessly. Thank you for taking the time to do this video, the write up, and the files. Its very much appreciated.

  12. alright man im not new to rooting albeit has been years since ive done it but i cant get the adb push dirtycow /data/local/tmp command to work keeps giving me the error that there is no such file or directory any ideas? Its in the "this pclocal disk cprogram files x86minimal_fastboot_adb_v1.4"
    thanks boss

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