Top 10 things I love and hate about the LG V20


  1. Great video. Subscribed. Been a fan of Flossy since the beginning.. He's doing one hour review lol. I was with the Iphone 7 plus before and switched over to the v20.. Like the design but of course I don't find it snappier like IOS. I love the camera,IR blaster, second screen.. for me it's not worth getting the g6.. Might get the S8 plus or the next note with their 835 snapdragon.

  2. top feature- removable battery and an extra battery = never running or of power…disappointed lg g6 is unibody with a fragile glass back, no ir blaster, no dac( some models), only comes in 32gb, only 10% faster snapdragon 821, the new screen size won't be compatible with a lot of media with most optimized for 16:9, and in my opinion wireless charging is pointless (your wireless charger is still plugged in, not as fast as quick charge 3.0 plugged in, and you can't move or use the phone…where's the benefit?)

    I feel you get a lot more in the v20 …the lg g6 is just water proof, small bezel, wireless charging. (though I do wish the v20 had a 13mp wide angle camera)

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