Unlock Bootloader Of Any Android Device

Root your device by Kingoroot first.

The commands are:

adb devices

adb shell

su -c "grep -m1 -aoE 'WVLOCK.{14}[0-9]{16}' /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 |grep -aoE '[0-9]{16}'"

You will receive a long code, that's your BOOTLOADER CODE.


  1. Ayush pandey : ) Bhaiya kya bootloader Bina Root keyae nahi hoosakta .? ? ? or Root hoga phone chahai khud phone sae karo ya PC Root Hona Jaruuri hai Bina Root kae Bootloader nahi hogaa jaisa apnae Video Mae deya..???

  2. Command for rebooting devices is "fast reboot" ?Because i have read on many website as "fastboot reboot" and " reboot " these both commands not worked on my mobile i am not yet tried "fast reboot" Command but asking u. I am not trying to unlock bootloader but last time my mobile was fastboot mode i was trying to reboot via commands "fastboot reboot" and "reboot"But my mobile not rebooted.

  3. Two things, first; entering su -c "grep -m1 -aoE 'WVLOCK.{14}[0-9]{16}' /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 |grep -aoE '[0-9]{16}'" into the adb shell only produces a return of [0-9]{16}' /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 |grep -aoE '[0-9]{16}'".
    Second, how can one boot into bootloader BEFORE it is unlocked?

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