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Windows 10 on Any Android Phone By Limbo Emulator..!![With Proof] [October 2017]

Hey guys Myself Swapnil Srivastava… Today In this video I am going to show you that How to Install and Run Windows 10 on Any Android Phone..!!!! I am going to use Limbo PC Emulator for Android. I already made videos on How to run Windows XP and 7 on Any Android Phone but I had not shown How to Run Windows 10..!! All You have to do is follow all the steps shown in this video carefully and you will also get Windows 10 on Your Android Phone along with Android OS Running.. Download link of hard disk is given below:-
MEGA Download Link:-!Kl5HlSTD!P6WNrDQrypvHOARnnxdw426SXl2qsBHXWKLaFBcf28M
Google Drive Download Link:-

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  1. Hey master…❗❗ help me to solve it plzz
    [12:30:16] Updating configuration file … done[12:30:16] >>> export /storage/sdcard0/Kali/Kali.img[12:30:16] Incorrect filename, supported only gz or bz2 archives.[12:30:16] <<< export /storage/sdcard0/Kali/Kali.img[12:30:28] Updating configuration file … done[12:30:28] >>> configure[12:30:28] Configuring the container: [12:30:28] qemu … done[12:30:28] dns … done[12:30:28] mtab … done[12:30:28] motd … done[12:30:28] hosts … done[12:30:28] hostname … done[12:30:28] timezone … fail[12:30:28] su … done[12:30:28] sudo … done[12:30:28] groups … done[12:30:29] locales … fail[12:30:29] repository … fail[12:30:29] profile … fail[12:30:29] dbus … fail[12:30:29] xorg … done[12:30:29] unchroot … fail[12:30:29] android … fail[12:30:29] misc … done[12:30:29] Installing additional components: [12:30:29] <<< configure

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