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X98 Air 3G: Flash dual boot bios, Android, install Windows and drivers

X98 Air 3G / Air II 32GB models, How to flash the dual boot bios in Windows or Android. How to flash Android, Install Windows and the drivers! Buy this tablet here:

How to install just Windows:

Full detailed Teclast X98 Air 3G review here:

Download required files here:

00:10 – How to flash a X98 Air 3G/II bios under Windows
01:06 – How to flash a X98 Air 3G/II bios in Android
01:45 – How to install the Flash Tool, drivers and flash the Android rom
06:14 – How to enter DnX mode / Fastboot Download mode
08:08 – Creating a USB bootable Windows flash drive
09:21 – Booting to the USB Windows install drive and install Windows
12:00 – Installing Windows drivers
17:17 – Removing drive letters from the Android partitions in Windows

Android Play Store fix:

Required files:

Dual boot bios


Intel MFG Tools:

Partition Tablets:

X98 Air 3G Android Roms:

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  1. I have some problems, both windows and android doesn't work, fastboot either, bios works perfectly and i can manage to boot a usb but i don't know what to do

  2. i have teclast 3g air c8j7. i install rom mirek190 5.0 v7. i want to downgrade to stock rom 4.4.4. i try using intel mft. but always fail at 14℅. can you guide me how to downgrade to android 4.4.4 without losing windows 10.
    hopefully you can help

  3. Help! I've uploaded the flash file and my tablet is ready to flash. Do I shut down the tablet as normal, then reboot in DnX mode? It doesn't work for me.

  4. Hi, I performed this procedure, but cannot install both OS. If I install Android, The Windows install gives me an error because it sees the Android recovery. If I install Windows 10, then Intel tool always gives an error while flashing the image. Any one else experience this?

  5. Hi my power button isn't giving power off option. i only get reboot, aeroplane mode, and silent mode options after flashing. I will like to know, how can i access the power off option to be able to install the windows?

  6. Hello , I had a "virgin" teclast x98 air 3g (c9j6 – dual os – 64gb) and decided to:
    1)update bios to 2.02
    2)install android 5, mirec v6 rom, repartitioning the tablet and wiping all partitions….

    After that, when booting windows logo has dissapeared and i cannot install windows on it…

    Any idea? Help me please……

  7. Me too. i have a iwork8 air, and i think something is wrong with the eMMC, not sure. if i use gparted i am able to change the partition /delete partions. If i use windows setup then i am not able to create the partion, maybe this is due to a bad usb hub i use 🙂

  8. i have the x80 power tablet & android partition is deleted for more space on win 10. but now i want to install android back, how to install android back & remove windows partition for more space on android storage in my x80 power? thanks before & sorry my english is bad

  9. hi, can you make a tutorial on how to instale only android 5.1 on a dual boot tablet like teclast x80 for example to use the space from windows into android pls

  10. hello i have onda v919 3g air i asked about if you can help me i would like to make reinstall for windows and up to date android from 4.4.4 to 5

  11. Hello first sorry my englis, second wold u know to help me?
    I have a X98 Plus 3G tablet and I’ve tried to reset Windows 10. After that, the tablet keeps on showing Teclast logo while the progress of resetting stucks on 5% forever. Then somehow my tablets restarting itself and won’t boot into windows. It only shows Teclast logo then goes to blank screen, it keeps happening like this.
    So can u know to help me or someone?

  12. "You are not allowed to access this file! Please sign up or login to download files. *I know it's a pain but we have had people hammering the server downloads and bandwidth is not cheap!"

    That's what I get from the download link. Please help.

  13. hello.
    will I need a product key if you install windows 10
    mine has no operating system at all it say there's an error
    I had windows 8 running on it first

  14. hello man, thanks for your video, awesome. i have a question. i have a teclast x98 pro and i have done the boot usb for install only windows 10, but what drivers must i install? there are 3 folders on "teclast x98 pro drivers" on the web page. Thank u very much

  15. Great video as always Chris. Do you know how to flash the teclast x16 HD and the x80, I have looked everywhere even teclast for the rom with no luck. Any help would be great. Keep up the hard work fella!

  16. I am trying to flash android in my Chuwi Vi10 and when i try to enter DnX (Fast Boot Mode ) by pressing the power and volume up and down button it says successful UMD and takes me to the BIOS setting option can you please help me how to active DmX mode in Chuwi Vi10

  17. Hi. I have a question. I have tablet Onda V919 Air 3G. This same everything what X98 has. Version 64GBI have in this android 4.4 and windows 10. I have to reinstall both system but I would like to install android 5.0 and windows 10 again. I have 32gb for android and 32gb for windows. Unfortunately Onda not support android 5.0 yet.Can I use android 5.0 from X98 and doing this same step by step like you on teclast? What file I need to save this partition like now 32/32gb?I have only bios from onda and windows 10.Best regards.

  18. hello i partitioned my teclast x80hd accidentally now it doesn't turn on… i tried to install windows 10 from a booted usb but the tablet doesn't recognize it… is there any solution for this… thanks for your attention

  19. Good afternoon TechTablets, very good your post're a machine, wanted to know if I could help, I have a teclast x98 3G model C5J6 and the bios 2.05 installed, due to a problem when starting the windows I've had to reset my tablet the problem is that a partition was fucking me and delete and format using Windows commands all disks Salian me two, one of 58 gb and a 16 gb, then no longer worked nothing obviously jajaj, probe to install a rom that you into partitions supposedly and I made them but the problem is q I can not get windows only android now I wonder if you knew fix the rom latest install was X98 Air 3G Air II Official Android 5.0 V2 Debloated With Root (Tecknight )

  20. Chriss, can you do a video on how to do a compleate restore starting from a bootable usb and recreating partitions. i have a x98 plus that only boots to the bios screen. the boot patitions are gone.

  21. Pls am facing a problem on my teclast x10hd, if i power on my tablet it STUCK ON BIOS directly and it won't go to the android/windows option. pls i really need help. Thanks

  22. Can you please give me the link for X98 air lll ROM ? Sorry but i couldn't find in your ROM list. Thanks

  23. Hello! =) Need help! Onda v919 3g air dualboot, firmware v1

    I want to remove Windows and install the Android operating system only.
    I found a program that creates a file partition.tbl with my settings, but firmware doesn't start with file flash.xml, only with FLASH_KeepWinPartitions.xml. Result: 7GB on android 🙁

    Where can I download your files partition.tbl and flash.xml, to try them ????

  24. Okay Chris, you and xda have convinced me, it's the Teclast for me. I am impressed with my Cube iwork8 ultimate and thought to stick with Cube, maybe the i6 for a squarer 4:3 display.
    BUT, there is so much support for the X98, mods, roms, etc, that it seems foolish not to go with it. Now just deciding between the z3736F or the Z8500 Pro. Won't be gaming much.

  25. Hey friends, can anyone help me?
    Ich have the Teclast X98 Air III (M5C5) Version without 3G.
    Is this Tutorial for my Tablet too?

  26. I have X98 air 3g tablet (32GB) with ONLY andriod 4.4 installed. I want to flash to andriod 5.0 custom rom only.
    1) Do i need to flash the bios for andriod not going to dual boot .
    2) How to know the bios version in andriod ?
    3) Can i follow the step in this video from 2.27 to 8.10min for my case.
    4) Do need to partition the table .

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