Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs iPhone X Speed Test | CRAZY COMPARISON !

Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro vs iphone x crazy comparison….we are doing comparison between a budget range and a flagship…
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  1. Only difference is that in a few years, apple will add software to make the iphone X slower, so you'd buy their newer models. Be smart people. The price diffrence is HUGE, the performance diffrence is nearly obsolete. Easy choice

  2. he brilliantly arranged the app……. bcuse mi note 5 wins in low space apps and iphone x wins in large apps such as temple rum smash hit angry birds..

  3. I thank iphone is the best phone but mi is the cheaper price than iphone and will give very enjoy and stable price and performance than i phone.
    I love MI brand than iphone because of price and performanec.

  4. Sometimes speed is not everything and even quality..
    For eg- rich people buy branded clothes of the luxurious brands like gucci, armani, Louis Vuitton,versace etc..
    To show off their lavish lifestyle
    Despite of the fact that they can find the same quality in way cheaper brands..
    But it wouldn't be able to provide as much as luxor incomparisson to luxury brands..

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